Jeremy Visser

About Me

I am currently in my third year of Digital Communications at Humber College, where I have been focusing on exploring as many mediums as possible for storytelling potential. Some of my personal favourites include Choose Your Own Adventure websites, social media content creation, writing and recording music, making short films and music videos, co-hosting podcasts revolving around pop culture, hosting Dungeons & Dragons nights as a Dungeon Master, writing blog posts, and even old-fashioned fictional literature.

I'm a proud Cat Dad to two handsome, domestic short hair seniors, cat profile writer for the Etobicoke Humane Society and occasional feline foster. I eat plants, take pictures of plants and sometimes merchandise plants. When I'm not consuming novels, comics, film & television, or video games, I can sometimes be persuaded to leave the house for hot yoga classes or training for another half-marathon.

I'm regularly using either YouTube tutorials or LinkedIn Learning to try and learn new programs and mediums to tell stories. Passion is my purpose and I'm interested in companies that sincerely believe in what they are doing and try to make the world a better place while doing so. If that resonates with you at all, feel free to send me a message. Even if it's just to talk about your favourite D-List Avengers or Star Wars races. Especially if that's the reason.